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Trees have a particularly beautiful method of marking the changing seasons.

In Disturbing the Spirits, photographer Ellen Jantzen used layers in Photoshop to show this process in a single photo. 

Altered Photos of Trees Show Change Over Time

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Chung-Ki Park, Li Hwang, and Hae-Ryan Jeong. Installed in Hattingen, Germany. 


Laura Plageman (USA) - Response

Laura Plageman is an artist and educator who lives and works in Oakland, CA. Her images explore the relationships between the process of image making, photographic truth and distortion, and the representation of landscape. She is interested in making pictures that examine the natural world as a scene of mystery, beauty, and constant change - transformed both by human presence and by its own design:

"In th series Response, I am responding to photographs both as representations and tangible objects. Through physically altering enlarged prints and then re-photographing the results, I create works that oscillate between image and object, photography and sculpture, landscape and still life. While they may appear illusory, the resulting pictures are documents of actual events and are thus as authentic as the original representational images contained within.

My process unfolds through observation and experimentation – I let the image and its materiality dictate its direction. Playing with paper and with light in unplanned and organic ways, I look for new ways to perceive the space, form, and context of my subjects. In some works, large pieces of the original image are torn out while in others, smaller parts are more subtly altered. I use a large format view camera throughout my process so I can control perspective and record as much detail as possible. Whether focused on a ripped paper edge or a nesting bird, I hope to reach a place where picture elements interact and merge in unpredictable and expressive ways.”

© All images courtesy the artist

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You are not alone - By: (delli.miller) - (Follow on Tumblr)

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Field of Light by Bruce Munro

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